One of the heaviest cockroaches in the world. Also known as the Rhinoceros Cockroach or the Queensland Giant Cockroach. This super rare species does not come about very often in the hobby and is one of the rarest cockroach species that come out of Australia.


The need a soil depth of around 20-30cm depth with a dry area and a damp area. Humidity around 80%. Keep on sand or a sandy soil. Use of Sphagnum moss will help with humidity. A nice thick layer of dry eucalyptus leaves and branches on the surface.


Recorded as living up to 8 years in captivity


These are held off-site for may take up to a week for dispatch

Giant Burrowing Cockroach (Macropanesthia rhinoceros)

  • Size: 4-6cm  (only males left)           
    Status: Captive Bred (off site)
    Diet: Eucalyptus leaves, bark, Will also take some fruit such as banana and veg such as potato, carrot

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