If you cannot see your question below please contact us at info@invertebratesupplies.co.uk

Can I collect my order?

I am afraid we are an online supplier only and do not have a physical shop for collection. All orders are sent out special delivery or first class recorded via the royal mail

How do you ship live insects?

Shipping live invertebrates is very easy and safe. We package all our orders up with enough fresh food and bedding to last the journey. The insects are then placed in a double skinned cardboard box and surrounded with lots of protective packing to ensure they do not get damaged during the journey. If the temperatures are due to drop, we will add in a free heat pack to keep them warm We offer a live arrival guarantee and will replace or refund any dead of damaged invertebrates on receipt of a photo. We may request the insect back for verification

Do you accept returns?

Should you find any of the equipment or supplies to be faulty be contact me within 48 hours. We may request the item to be sent back for inspection. We reserve the right to choose a direct replacement or a refund. This does not affect your statutory rights. We offer a live arrival guarantee on invertebrates. On arrival if you invert looks dead please leave it in a warm room for a few hours to see if it is perhaps just cold or playing dead. Please contact us within 24 hours of arrival with a photograph. We will then offer a replacement or a refund.

Can you provide me with a particular sex?

If you contact us before placing the order we will try our best to sex your invert order, however we cannot guarantee the sex. We will always try to provide pairs when ordering more than one individual.

Can I add to an exisiting order?

Yes, please email info@invertebratesupplies.co.uk and we can add into the order