Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Giant Burrowing Cockroach aka.the Rhinoceros cockroach or the Queensland Giant Cockroach are officially the heaviest cockroach in the world. They record in at over 30g in weight which may not seem a lot but considering the Madagascan Giant Hissing Cockroach is around 10g this is BIG!!!. This species is also very long lived for a cockroach and can reach between 8-10 years old

Where are they from?

This huge species come from the dry eucalyptus forests of Queensland in Australia. They live in deep underground burrows which they dig out with their powerful spiny legs. Mostly nocturnal they come to the surface at night to look for a mate and to search for food.

What do they eat?

Living in the eucalyptus forests, they eat mostly dry fallen leaves and flowers. In captivity we find they do well on dry oak and beech leaves. They will also take a small amount of apple but they are a true browsing species.

Breeding & Reproduction

Similar to many other large cockroaches, the giant burrowing cockroach give birth to live young. They are quite maternal and offspring will remain in the burrow for months with adults bringing leaf litter down to them to feed on.

Captive Care

As a true burrowing species, these guys need a nice deep soil tank with 20cm minimal depth of substrate. A good thick layer of naturally dried oak, beech and eucalyptus is idea for them not only to feed on but to drag into their burrows.

Temperature should be maintained around 18-24 C with a light spraying every few days so that the substrate is damp but not wet.