Armoured Cricket Care

General care instructions for the Armoured Cricket (Cosmoderus femoralis).

There is not too much information out there on the care of the armoured crickets. Also knowns as the soldier or battle cricket. A Cameroon native, this species come from sub tropical area feeding on anything they come across including insects, fruit and vegetation


25-27 C, 70% humidity


Well lit enclosures.

Avoid direct sunlight


This species does like to roam and climb. Lots of cork bark hides, thick branches and some live planting will give the crickets lots of space. If keeping more than a few together, it is advisable to have lots of different hiding places as they will squabble from time to time. A substrate of coco fibre, bark, sphagnum moss or a sandy-soil mix will help keep up the humidity and provide a nice substrate for laying eggs. The depth should be around 5-10cm. As this species is good at chewing, a glass or solid plastic enclosure is preferable. Good ventilation is also key however so that the enclosure does not go mouldy.


As an omnivore this species will eat pretty much anything. We have found favourite foods include cucumber, apple, banana skins and dead insects, however they eat a variety of food offered. Ensure lots of choice and change regularly. This species does also like to drink when being sprayed so we would advise a light spraying with water every few days.


A very easy species to sex when mature. Females have a spike from their abdomen called an ovipositor. This helps them lay their eggs. Eggs can take up to 9 months to hatch and require a period of dry followed by a period of wet to simulate the rainy season.


This species can give a nasty nip so gloves are advisable when handling. their abdomen is delicate so be careful not to drop them.