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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Ferns, foliage plants, Succulents, Air plants and Bromeliads


Over the years we have been asked to supply not just only bugs but a whole range of bug related items from enclosures to substrates and over the last few months more and more about live planting. I think the lockdown period has had us all looking for ways to keep our brains happy and there is nothing more calming and uplifting as houseplants.

Well now houseplants and bugs combine. Its not for every species as many will just eat everything, but for species of beetle, tarantula and scorpions particularly live planting really makes an enclosure.

We have teamed up with some amazing plant nurseries, growers and a little of our own handy work to bring you a brand new range of vivarium sized plants to suit all occasions. Most if not all are safe for most bugs and even frogs and reptiles. If in doubt drop us a line and we can advise.

We are very excited to see how these go down with our clients; they already proving quite popular.

Best Wishes, Graeme


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