Orchid Mantids back in stock

Thats right folks, you heard it here first!! We have a limited number of young L1/L2 Malaysian Orchid mantids back in stock.

These hugely popular little praying mantids are one of my absolute favourite species. They don't come about very often are aren't exactly a cheap mantis species to buy but they are hugely rewarding.

A species native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, these guys are white and pink when young and keep the white with shades of pink and brown as adults. As you will see adult females are much larger than males. As L4 nymphs you can see the colour band on their back. Brown means boy, Green means girl. We would always recommend keeping males cooler, that way they grow slower and hopefully (if you want to breed) you can get them matched up at the same stage.

So what is a L1/L2 mantis..... i hear you ask. Well the photo on the left is what they look like. We normally leave mantids till they are L3+ before sending as they are a little hardier at this stage, however there is a growing trend for people wanting them when they are in this young, ant like stage. They tend to run around lots and can be kept semi communal until they get bigger (providing their is lots of food. They eat fruit flies at this stage, but will take blue bottles and other small insects when they reach maturity

Overall a hugely popular species... get in there fast folks as they wont hang around.

Best Wishes, Graeme


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